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The idea for a home theater began over two and a half years ago when our twenty year old Sony television began to show signs of aging. We first saw a home theater projection system at the local Bang & Olufsen store. It was a Seleco Sim2 HT200 projector on a small 16 x 9 screen and we were immediately impressed. Unfortunately, the salesman was completely clueless about audio-video equipment which was a total turnoff. The idea of a home theater however was intriguing, but at that point is was little more than a pipedream.

As the old Sony continued to function, we never were pushed into a position of making an immediate decision, so we continued to drool over plasma screens at the local electronics stores, but never committed to a purchase.

This past winter, we stumbled into a local home theater showroom, Complete Home Entertainment Systems in Palm Desert, CA. The demonstration was so impressive that we both immediately determined we had to have our own home theater.

I tried to learn everything I could about home theater. After much research on the AVS Forum, as well as numerous discussions with Complete Home Entertainment Systems, we put together a plan to build a home theater that would work within our budget yet provide the end result that we wished to achieve.

In order to stay within the budget required a lot of work. Most of the construction (which ended up being substantially more extensive than I ever imagined) was done myself with the help of a friend who is a local handyman. The physical construction took seven, 15-hour days, spread over a period of about three weeks.

There are still a number of small items that need to be addressed such as installing the left and right surround speakers.

We currently only have seating for three in the theater. Additional seating will be added a later time.

Initially I started by painting the room. I quickly learned that I do not enjoy painting. After agonizing on the color scheme, we finally decided on Waverly's Boat Blue for the lower portion of the walls and the ceiling and Laura Ashley's Taupe 4 for the top half of the walls (paint from Lowes). After painting the walls, I now think my choice for the top half of the wall is to dark (orange hues) and have considered lightening it up at some point. A local interior decorator thought the colors looked fantastic.

The remaining equipment to fill the rack is on order and should arrive within the next 30 days.

Our room is 20 feet long and 13.5 feet wide. Originally there was a fireplace where the screen wall is located. Rather than remove the fireplace, we just built the screen wall in front of the fireplace in such a way that it could be removed at a later date if the home is ever sold.

We are using a Seleco Sim2 HT300 DLP 16x9 projector shooting onto a 92" diagonal DaLite Cinema Contour High Contrast Cinema Vision screen with ProTrim (80" wide by 45" high).

HDTV is being provided by TimeWarner Cable and Dish Network (HDTV receivers to be determined).

5.1 surround sound is provided by the Rotel RSP-1066 and RMB-1075 combo with 125 watts per channel. Monitor Audio Gold Reference speakers will be used for left, right and center channels. Rear surround speakers are still yet to be determined. A Hsu VTF-3 subwoofer will provide ample bass for this size room.

The equipment rack is Middle Atlantic's AX-S In-Wall Slide-Out system with 43 rack spaces.

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