Aram Basmadjian
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WurliTzer Classics (Available April 2007)

Recorded in December 2006 on the world's largest five-manual 80-rank Wurlitzer theatre organ installed at the residence of Jasper & Marian Sanfilippo in Barrington, Illinois. This is the first recording of classical organ music ever recorded on this amazing instrument.

Selections Recorded: (click on selection to hear demo)

Aram Basmadjian at Octave Hall

Recorded in May 1993 using a four-manual 72 stop Allen organ at the International Sales Headquarters of the Allen Organ Company. Features one of America's most brilliant new concert artists, Aram Basmadjian.

Selections Recorded: (click on selection to hear demo)

Selections from this album have been featured on American Public Radio's weekly Pipedreams program. To listen, click here.

Aram Basmadjian at the Four-Manual Allen Organ

Recorded in January 1990 at the four-manual Allen organ at First Baptist Church of Pomona, California. Selections from this recording have been featured many times on PipeDreams, the weekly production of Minnesota Public Radio.

Selections Recorded: (click on selection to hear demo)


Performances by Allen Artists including Aram Basmadjian. The Allen Artists Program brings together some of North America's finest organists to provide a diverse group of performers.